IFS Student Investor Challenge

By Emma Harrison U6th

On Thursday, the Economics department had a visit from Liam Collins from the ifs School of Finance. He spoke about the ifs Student Investor Challenge in which students invest a virtual £100 000 on the stock market. He also spoke about selecting which companies to invest in.

This year there are a number of girls participating from the sixth form in teams of 4. With an all expenses trip to New York being the overall prize – the teams
are getting very competitive! However Mr Collins also reminded us that the challenge offers a unique insight into the financial sector and a chance to speculate on the stock market without losing any real money.

With the aim of The Student Investor Challenge being to gain as much money as possible, hints recommended by Liam Collins were taken into account by many of the teams. Mr Collins expressed his recommendations in investing into businesses which are undergoing expansion into the developing
markets of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China). An example of such companies is Burberry which has seen soaring profits in the past year due to its launch in China, where it now has 53 stores. Another recommendation for long term investment was Tesco. Tesco has a huge impact on retail as it is averaged that one pound in every seven that is spent in British shops goes through Tesco. The huge expansion which has occurred has meant Tesco is very likely to secure profits.

Following these tips gained from the talk, we wish the best of luck to all the teams participating in the competition!

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