My meeting with Melody Hossaini.

By Jess Dale U6th

At the end of September, I attended a conference at Birmingham Art Museum held by Melody Hossaini, a former contestant on the latest series of ‘The Apprentice’. She conducted a speech on her experiences of the BBC show, Sir Alan himself and also spoke about her social enterprise ‘InspirEngage’ which she founded in 2009.

InspirEngage aims to train young people like me, how to best tackle the leading environmental, social justice, and culturally dividing challenges of our time
and is formed from three main services: Skills development training (leadership and business skills), public speaking (to inspire and inform) and consultation
(e.g. cultural relations).

After her speech, we were allowed to ask questions about her and her social enterprise. I took the opportunity to ask ‘how we, as young people, could
change the negative image that the media portrays us as, and express our ideas to prove that our generation is not considered a wasted one’. She responded by
saying ‘There are many ways of doing this, especially as so many of the population use social networking sites, so keep everyone updated the good that
you are doing and continue doing so, and you will get noticed’.

As well as meeting Melody Hossaini, I also had the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs within the area. Although I was the youngest there, I thoroughly
enjoyed being invited to other business’ and events and being advised on my own business ideas as a young budding entrepreneur myself.

Although she was not thought of as the ‘nicest’ contestant on ‘The Apprentice’, she is extremely inspiring for many reasons, but I especially admire her sheer
confidence which I feel is a very important characteristic of any successful entrepreneur.

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