The Brand Test

On Open Evening, which was held on Thursday 27th June, the Business and Economics department held an exciting Cola branding test to determine whether it’s in the best interests of customers to be paying above ‘own brand’ prices for cola drinks.

The Lower sixth students used three different brands of fizzy drinks: Asda Cola, Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola. Visitors were given a cup containing one of the three drinks at random.  By the smell and taste, they had to decipher what drink they had.

Our conclusions found that most of the respondents could not tell the difference between Pepsi Cola and Asda’s own brand cola.  However, Coca Cola was easily identifiable by most.  This proved to us that sometimes brand names simply charge more for the name and not necessarily consist of higher quality or a distinct taste. Our message – give the own label brands a go!

The survey proved to be a great success! It was very enjoyable for both parents and the children.

Puja Jalota L6Cl

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