February Half-term Economics Reading

No Country for Young People? Youth Labour Market Problems in Europe by Juan Dolado.

This is a great e-book which examines youth unemployment in Europe in the recent past. It highlights the diverse experiences of the past few years and separates Europe’s economies into different categories depending upon their performance in tackling the issue of youth unemployment. It contains a great diagram showing the relationship between youth unemployment and unemployment more generally, as well as two fascinating facts:

  • The recession has seen the employment of young people fall by 8%, compared with a 2% fall for people aged 25+
  • Over the 2 years up to the end of 2013, the UK economy added one million jobs, just 40,000 of this increase was among the under 25s.

Youth unemployment is costly, and may have significant hysteresis effects; however, the chapter of the e-book doesn’t paint a terribly optimistic picture of the UK’s ability to tackle the problem

Further information is available from: http://www.voxeu.org/content/no-country-young-people-youth-labour-market-problems-europe

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