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E- Cigarettes


Last week the CAP (committee of advertising practice) announced that the advertising of e-cigarettes would be allowed on British television. Prior to this e-cigarettes were not allowed to be advertised as they were considered as a cigarette and the advertisement of any tobacco related product is strictly prohibited in Britain due to the health risks […]

Is the UK at Economic Risk Again: Another Potential Crisis for the Eurozone


Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne recently warned that the Eurozone could slip back into crisis and that the UK would “not be immune” from the effects. The chancellor spoke out about his concerns of recovery before a meeting of the International Monetary Fund last week, which warned about the health of Eurozone banks. The IMF believes […]

The Alcohol Problem


Alcohol, or more to the extent at which is it consumed, has been a huge problem all over the world with thousands needing medical care and attention for their habits. Many people who have alcohol-related health problems would not be classed as alcoholics. Instead, they are simply people who have regularly drunk more than the […]

Scottish Independence

Saltire and union flag

Never has it been a better time to join the new AS Economics course, with all the news of Scotland’s independence dominating news headlines. The classroom is buzzing with debate on the economic impact of possible independence, and we students are experiencing first –hand perhaps the making of history! It is difficult to say what […]

The Brand Test


On Open Evening, which was held on Thursday 27th June, the Business and Economics department held an exciting Cola branding test to determine whether it’s in the best interests of customers to be paying above ‘own brand’ prices for cola drinks. The Lower sixth students used three different brands of fizzy drinks: Asda Cola, Pepsi […]

ICAEW National Business Game Competition

photo (4)

On Tuesday 26th February, a team of 5 Economics and Business students; Francesca Clough, Abigail Johal, Emma Newman, Kirsty O’Donnell and Julia Wilson attended the National ICAEW Business Game competition at Aston University.  It is a highly prestigious competition that attracts over 200 teams across the country who battle it out to get to the […]

Half Term Reading

William Nicolson

This is a perfect Valentine’s Economics read which is brilliantly funny and applies the concepts learnt in Economics to the real world of love and dating.  It is a semi-autobiographical account of William who is an economist.  This means he is good at reducing an infinitely complex world into a set of clear, rational principles […]